The health that nature has given us

Si14 AG Switzerland uses only natural ingredients for the direction of Si14 Pharma. Attention: Wholesale deliveries only.

Know About Us

Short Story About Si14

Si14 AG Holding is a high-tech company that includes various lines of business. Today, the Si14Pharma direction uses unique production with innovative solutions.

The main production line of Si14Pharma is nasal drops with sea water.

The mission of Si14 AG and Si14Pharma is to create unique products and solutions for humanity as a whole. We strive to unite the power of nature and target it for the benefit of mankind.

Our company believes that there are solutions in our nature that will help mankind not to get sick. We just need to find those solutions.

Si14 AG is actively investing in the development of medicines and drugs for humanity.

Si14 AG's first success is the launch of a line of nasal drops for nasal drops with Adriatic sea water.

Contractual agreements with a contract manufacturing facility in Montenegro allow the company to produce sprays in large quantities and deliver them worldwide.

The history of the direction began in Montenegro. The company's management was struck by the Adriatic Sea and its beneficial properties for people.

Chemical analyses of the water were carried out and the management decided to create Si14Pharma's main product - MEERESNASE (salty nose) nasal drops

Our product

Wholesale supply of nasal sprays for pharmacy chains

The main profile of Si14 AG is wholesale supplies to the European market. Our company invites distributors of pharmacy chains to conclude an exclusive contract for the supply of nasal sprays at favorable prices.

Our company has a certified production and the necessary certificates for the manufactured products. Clinical tests and our laboratory allow the Swiss company Si14 AG to comply with all production standards and have the best quality on the market..

Support 24/7

The sales team will be able to advise you 24/7

Opening Hours

  • Monday – Friday 8.00 – 18.00
  • Saturday 9.00 – 17.00
  • Sunday 9.00 – 15.00

Specialist consultations

If you need expert advice, you can always contact the company's support service and consult on the use of our products.

You can also discuss wholesale deliveries with our finance department.


Our Team

Meet Our team
Si14Pharma management team. Si14Pharma is a division of Si14 AG Switzerland.


Si14Pharma is a young and dynamically developing division of Si14 AG.
50.000+ 50.000+ Nasal spray produced
20+ 20+ Letters of Recommendation
50+ 50+ Doctor's recommendations
Direction Si14Pharma is a wholesale supplier of nasal sprays to pharmacy chains, hospitals, and private clinics. A flexible pricing system allows Si14Pharma to have an excellent competitive advantage. Deferred payment up to 6 months.

Si14Pharma is a young branch of Si14 AG Switzerland holding company that is successfully developing and producing nasal spray from the gifts of the Adriatic Sea. The company's contract production meets all European quality standards.

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D.O.O. SI14 BET Address: XVI Zgrada Solidarnosti Lokal Br. 7 Budva